About me: Alyssa Noble

  • Anna M. Maynard
  • I am originally from Schaumburg, IL.
  • I currently live and write from Durham, NC. 
  • I earned a BFA in Dance (May 2010) and an MS in News-Editorial Journalism (July 2011) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 
  • Follow me on Instagram @AScho3
  • Check out my website: http://www.alyssanobledance.com for upcoming performance information

1 thought on “About me: Alyssa Noble”

  1. Dear Alyssa Schoeneman,

    Greetings from New Hampshire.

    I’m writing to see if you might be interested in reviewing my documentary about the modern dance company Pilobolus, Still Moving: Pilobolus at Forty.

    Still Moving recently completed a successful festival run (Dance on Camera at Lincoln Center, Mill Valley, DOC NYC, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Sepastopol, Athens, Dance Camera West at LACMA, etc.), was recently released on DVD, and has a forthcoming broadcast on WGBH. More info at http://www.pilobolusfilm.com.

    If you’re interested, I will happily mail you a copy of the DVD.

    Best wishes,

    Jeffrey Ruoff

    Film and Media Studies
    22 Lebanon Street, 204 BFVAC
    Dartmouth College, HB6194
    Hanover, NH 03755-3543, USA
    Tel: (603) 646-1553
    Fax: (603) 646-3848
    Http: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~jruoff, http://www.pilobolusfilm.com

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