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@BodyVox recently introduced me to the “Modern Daydreams” video series on Youtube and I love it! Each episode turns an everyday activity into a modern dance masterwork; the whole series is a great example of site-specific work. Check out the series below, and please enjoy the companion videos I’ve selected for each episode!

1. Modern Daydreams 1: Deere John


Companion: Tractor Square Dancing

Yes, this is a real thing…AND IT’S AWESOME.


2. Modern Daydreams 2: Unleashed


Companion: Baha Men – Who Let the Dogs Out?

Can you tell I’m a child of the ’90s?


3. Modern Daydreams 3: Treadmill Softly


Companion: OK Go – Here It Goes Again

If you’ve never seen this music video, you’ve been missing out.


4. Modern Daydreams 4: Islands in the Sky


Companion: Caterpillar Freestyle

See also: Things I wish my car could do.

Which episode is your favorite and why? Leave me a comment and let me know!