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I’ve come across lots of cool dance videos lately, so I wanted to share them with all of you! Enjoy!

1. Unusually Cool Japanese Dance

 I’m not sure what’s so unusual about it being cool, but I’ll let it slide.

2. TRON Dance

This video features Japan’s most famous dance crew, Wrecking Crew Orchestra in a TRON-themed performance. Just try to figure out how they create their illusions…and then please enlighten me.

3.  New York City Ballet “Pointe Shoes”

This video is a short, informative documentary that explains why a perfect pointe shoe is imperative to a ballerina’s success.

4. Hip Hop Kido

And now, let’s take a moment to remember how cool the original Power Rangers were. You’ll notice some locking at the beginning of his combo.

What did you think of these videos? Leave me a comment to let me know!