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Below is a transcript from yesterday’s #DanceChat, in which we discussed our preferences as viewers of live and pre-recorded dance performance. A big thank you to @ClaraAB2 and @NobleDisposal for participating!

Today’s #DanceChat has begun! We’re discussing viewing dance -what elements of dance we find to be engaging & what turns us off as viewers.

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To begin, how do you watch the majority of the dance you see? Onstage? Online? On TV? #DanceChat

@AScho3 definitely watching live, although I definitely catch youtube videos sometimes #DanceChat

I’d say mostly on stage or on TV, especially shows like DWTS and SYTYCD. #DanceChat

@NobleDisposal I have been watching a lot of dance on stage lately, but I am definitely a TV dance junkie #DanceChat

@NobleDisposal Do you find the youtube dance clips as engaging as you find live dance? Why or why not? #DanceChat
@AScho3 To me, dance is a lot like baseball or hockey in that I don’t get the same feeling unless it’s live, especially w/ physical choreography.

A dance has many elements – choreography, audio, costumes, props, scenery, special effects, etc. We’ll talk about choreo first.#DanceChat

A piece of dance choreography can tell a clear story or be more abstract – what kind of dance do you prefer? #DanceChat

 I like less narrative work; I love to figure out the role of each dancer onstage & see relationships develop between dancers. #DanceChat

@AScho3 Definitely a story, unless the choreography is very intricate and intriguing. But a story makes it easier to connect.#DanceChat

@AScho3 I prefer abstract: the primal nature of dance suits itself for me to inspire emotion moreso than a story. #dancechat

@ClaraAB2 What would make choreography intriguing enough for you that you wouldn’t need a story? What in the movement helps you connect?

@AScho3 Something that makes you wonder how they did it, good chemistry in the duo/group, and/or choreo that clearly connects to the music.

@NobleDisposal You said that the primal nature of dance inspires emotion in you. What if you are watching a classical ballet? #DanceChat

@AScho3 I’ve seen ballets, nothing super duper professional, and outside of admiring technique, it isn’t my favorite style. #dancechat

@NobleDisposal I’m w/you on finding it difficult to connect to classical ballets, no matter how aesthetically pleasing they are.#DanceChat

@NobleDisposal Have you seen any contemporary ballet? I’m curious about if you connect to that style or not. #DanceChat

For those of you unfamiliar with contemporary ballet, the style has roots in classical ballet movement vocabulary but has more abstract choreography. In other words, it doesn’t tell a clear story from start to finish. #DanceChat

@AScho3 Count me as unfamiliar. Who are the big names in contemporary ballet? #dancechat

@NobleDisposal A lot of major ballet companies perform contemporary ballet work in addition to classical repertory.#DanceChat

@AScho3 Would they perform a classic work in a contemporary style? Hip Swan Lake? or do they have entirely new works? #DanceChat

@NobleDisposal The sky is the limit. I just saw a contemporary version of Snow White by Ballet Preljocaj that blew my mind.#DanceChat

@NobleDisposal Check out this video of the death lamentation scene from the show to see what I mean. #DanceChat


@AScho3 I’m digging this, although I didn’t know it was legal to dance with dead bodies. Give her a rest dog. #Dancechat

@NobleDisposal She’s not dead, just poisoned! Completely legal.#DanceChat

@ClaraAB2 @AScho3 What kind of story do you like to see with dance? SYTYCD is very narrative driven, but the routines are shorter.#DanceChat

@NobleDisposal @ClaraAB2 When I watch SYTYCD, I like to see dancers throw themselves into a routine wholeheartedly #DanceChat

@NobleDisposal @ClaraAB2 I like when a choreographer gives me the general idea of the story, but doesn’t spoon feed it to me.#DanceChat

What about you @ClaraAB2 ? What kind of stories do you like to see in dance choreography? #DanceChat

@AScho3 I love personal, heartfelt stories poured out into dance. A favorite SYTYCD piece was Mia Michaels’ piece about her dad. #DanceChat

@ClaraAB2 Allow me a moment to refresh my memory… This one? #DanceChat

@AScho3 YES! It’s so beautiful. I cry every time. #DanceChat

@ClaraAB2 Daddy-daughter stuff always makes me cry. Even in Finding Nemo. haha. This piece is really sweet, I agree. #DanceChat

@ClaraAB2 I feel like it would be easier for me to connect to this emotionally if I saw it live, though. #DanceChat

@ClaraAB2 I think for me it’s about the set up with the characters. Even though Mia talks about the meaning before the dance, I find it hard to jump to that place emotionally if I haven’t seen a connection develop b/w the dancers on stage. #DanceChat

Clara B. Clara B. ‏ @ClaraAB2

@AScho3 I can see that. I love seeing live dance but don’t always have the option. This still works for me most of the time.#DanceChat

@ClaraAB2 For sure. I’m SO glad there is so much dance on TV now. It’s nice to see the artform finally getting the media attention it deserves! #DanceChat

@AScho3 Totally agree! Plus a decent variety of styles are shown, so it can reach a wider audience. #DanceChat

@AScho3 @ClaraAB2 Is there an optimal size of group for you to reach that connection? Solos, duets, flash mobs? #dancechat

@NobleDisposal Flash mobs for sure. Haha. Duets and Trios make it easier to establish clear relationships between dancers, I think.#DanceChat

Yikes! It looks like our hour is up already! Thanks to @ClaraAB2 and@NobleDisposal for participating in today’s #DanceChat.

@AScho3 No problem. I enjoyed this #DanceChat. Thanks for the great questions!

If you’ve got an opinion about something we discussed yesterday but weren’t able to participate in the live chat, please leave me a comment to let me know! I’d love to hear what more of you have to say!