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As you may know from my About the site page, I started this blog because I want to generate discussions about real issues and recurring themes in the dance world.

This week will mark our fifth #DanceChat on Twitter! The topic will be Viewing Dance: What kind of dance do you like to watch and why? This #DanceChat will focus on our preferences as viewers of dance – both onstage and on video. We will discuss different styles of dance and what things within those dance styles we find to be attractive or repellent. Think about what elements of a dance work engage and excite you, and what things cause you to tune out mid-performance.

If you have never participated in a Twitter chat before, here’s how it works:

1. Everyone who would like to participate signs onto Twitter at the same time.

Our chat will be at 3 PM EST (2 PM CST, etc.) this Sunday, April 22nd. The chat will last one hour.

2. A moderator (me) will choose a topic for each week’s chat. That person will pose questions related to that topic throughout the course of the hour, and will Re-Tweet relevant responses.

My Twitter handle is @Ascho3, just like my blog address. Be sure to follow me so you can get all of the updates from the chat.

3. All participants in the chat will include the same hashtag (#) in each post, so all of the posts will be organized chronologically under that hashtag.

Our hashtag will be #DanceChat.

Again, this week’s topic will be Viewing Dance: What kind of dance do you like to watch and why? I’d like to hear perspectives from people with varying dance backgrounds, so please encourage all of your friends to participate!

I really need your help spreading the word; the more people that participate, the more we can all learn! Please use the sharing buttons at the bottom of this post, and be sure to include the following details:

1. This chat is this Sunday, April 22nd at 3 PM EST (2 CST)

2. #DanceChat

3. Moderated by @Ascho3

4. This chat is for EVERYONE.

So, your post may look something like this:

Hey friends! Join me, @Ascho3 and other cool cats in an awesome #DanceChat this Sunday at 3 PM EST (2 CST). Check out Dance in Real Life to learn more!

Thanks in advance for your help! I can’t wait to talk to all of you on Sunday!